Our users have full control over information on their WiFi domains and are our customer, not our product

Dnes vs. zítra

Give WiFi Your Face

WiFi domains allow better and simpler use of billions of existing WiFi networks. Register your WiFi domains or just use them to share WiFi passwords and posts with others. Tired of constantly telling the password to your WiFi? Tired of looking for WiFi passwords all the time? Find it or post it directly to every WiFi domain.


Present Yourself On Your Own WiFi Domain

You don't have to rely on dozens of services and search engines anymore. Now you can rely on your WiFi domain. Present yourself and communicate with your neighborhood. Connect your WiFi domain to your existing online activities.

Osobní využití

Be Independent, Communicate With The World Around You

Every smartphone, tablet or notebook can be turned into a WiFi domain. Show anything to the world around you, meet people and the world near you. Gain new friends and new experiences.

Nekomerční využití

Leave A Message

Post your experiences with the place you just visited. Your report can help others. Recommend places, present yourself and discover people, companies and interesting places near you.

Komerční využití

Reach Your Customers For Free

Your WiFi domain is now a great place for advertisement. You no longer have to constrain yourself only to the name of your WiFi network. Link your WiFi domain to your current online activities. Address and communicate with customers in your neighborhood. It's simple, economical and ecological. You will get feedback from real people who walk near you.